Hard Evidence for Psychotherapy Effectiveness

Psychotherapy has been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and enhancing mood. This has generally been understood in the field of mental health, though now there’s empirical evidence supporting that talk therapy truly is effective: “After they completed psychotherapy, patients’ EEG results were similar to those of the low-anxiety group“, reports Robert Preidt in his articles. There are actually observable positive “neurological effects of psychotherapy”. ” Psychotherapy triggers changes in the brains of people with social anxiety disorder “. Talk therapy appears to be as important as medication for managing anxiety. Moreover ”A good relationship between a patient and therapist is likely to improve the patient’s recovery from depression ”. Good therapeutic rapport/relationship with your therapist throughout your course of therapy is now scientifically proven effective in reducing depression and evidence shows that psychotherapy helps those with anxiety disorder.

Read more in these articles presenting the results of these studies showing the hard evidence for the effectiveness of psychotherapy in helping people feel less depressed and less anxious:

‘Talk Therapy’ Can Alter Brain Activity, Research Shows

Good Bond Between Therapist, Depressed Patient Aids in Recovery

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