Elusive Happiness

Happiness does not always have to elude us. It seems like a simple question. Can I, could I, will I be happy? With the right components in place, you can definitely rediscover happiness…or at least contentment (close first cousin of happiness). Contentment or being at peace with yourself can be reached as you find the ability of accepting yourself, your surrounding and your role in it. I would like to re-introduce you to a lively, productive person who has a positive outlook, self esteem and a great sense of humor. This dynamic and interesting person is of course you. You have allot to offer the world and the world doesn’t have to be such a scary, ominous place. Let’s search for this elusive happiness and when we find it, let’s hold on to it for a while.

When happiness trails off again and you know longer feel content ith yourself, talking to a trusted therapist or a friend whom your trust and can relate to you, can help you rediscover yourself, the parts of you that make you an exceptional, worth-while and likable person. Happiness has so much to do with how you regard yourself, your self esteem or self like-ability. So, find out from someone who knows and appreciates you, what are my good qualities, my accomplishments, my passions? If no-one is around, write about it yourself. Think on it a bit and you’ll remember why you are like-able and why you deserve to feel good. These are some routes to the path toward elusive happiness.

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