Be OK with YOU

The most crucial change you will achieve, among all the self improvements you make, is the achievement of being OK with yourself. There is no finer feeling than feeling that you are, well, pretty good. Go ahead, take an inventory of all the things that are “OK” about you. Maybe you’ve let the areas where you fall short dominate the way you view yourself. Try ignoring that part for a change and focus on all the things you’ve done and are currently doing right. Notice that you are OK, in some respects, you are even better than OK!

On a related note, you will be accepted by others, primarily while you’re OK with yourself. You who feel that others don’t accept you and don’t care for you, this message is especially for you. Accept yourself, love yourself. You can be loved by others insofar as you are loved and accepted by yourself. Walk around shrouded by a shadow of self doubt, you’ll in turn only be met with others’ shadows. Walk around with the light of self acceptance and you will be illuminated to others.

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