Anxiety: not always a bad thing

Anxiety seems unavoidable sometimes throughout life. It always seems to find us no matter how well adjusted we feel. Stress ultimately finds it’s way into our lives given our intense life situations such as deadlines, annoyances, difficult people, even personal mistakes you’ll inevitably make.

It is often talked about how anxiety can be treated or prevented.  I pose the question: do you want to do away with all of your anxiety or does some of it serve an important purpose? Anxiety can be very helpful. It can be motivating and it can help you become more productive (as long as it doesn’t get out of control and then it can become crippling. at which point you should take time away from your stressors, relax, practice coping skills).

In a relationship, anxiety can tell you when things aren’t quite right and need a change. If you are frequently feeling anxiety in a relationship with another person – friend, romantic, professional, etc., this anxiety may be a signal that you need to address your discomfort with the other. You should talk about it with the other person and let them know how his actions are making you feel. In this way, anxiety can help change a relationship for the better if both individuals embrace open communication.

If anxiety is somewhat uncomfortable but manageable, I would encourage you to try and tolerate and accept your anxiety, using it to “pressure” you to get the job done! It’s there pushing you, propelling you forward. If you have failed at something, anxiety can serve to guide you to do a better job next time. All in all, reframe your thinking of anxiety from obstacle to motivator!

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