Let’s talk a bit about addiction

Let’s talk a bit about addictions. So many have one, wether it be a light addictive or habitual behavior or a severe “everyday” addiction. Whether it be alcohol, narcotic drugs, sex, tv, Facebook, internet pornography, etc. My simple definition of “addiction” is a behavior that one indulges in that becomes a habit and is unhealthy. It may not be unhealthy at first, but the compulsive aspect of it as well as the extremely over-done nature of the behavior are the components that make the behavior a problematic addiction. We are talking about what started as a coping mechanism originally used to self soothe has become compulsive to the point at which it cannot be stopped.



If the unhealthy behavior is hurting you; if it is disrupting your life and/or the lives of the one’s you care about; you could benefit from getting help. “Cold Turkey” or stopping the offending addiction yourself by forcing yourself to stop is an option if you are able to do it, but why go it alone? If you don’t nowhere to start on the road to rehabilitation, a therapist can be there to support and advise you at the beginning and throughout your process. You may be able to kick your addiction primarily with the help of a therapist or by attending a 12 step or other support group that caters to your addiction. Contact me if your unsure if you have an addiction or would like to know where to start.

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