Does Anthony Weiner Have a Sex Addiction? Do you?

A few questions should be addressed in order to assess whether one has a sex addiction. These questions are similar in the assessment of any addiction. Is the behavior compulsive? A compulsive behavior is a behavior that could otherwise be benign or normal but then taken to an unhealthy extreme. The next part of an addicition is that this compulsive behavior interferes with the healthy operations of one’s day to day life. This could be your professional life, your relationships, etc. So does Anthony Weiner have a sex addiction? You bet he does! His sexting/ cyber sexing may effectively end his political career. If it doesn’t end his career, it is fair to say it has severely disrupted and compromised it. Also, it is apparent that depite the negative consequences that he has repeatedly endured, he seems powerless to stop. If you have a sexual compulsion and you A. are powerless to stop engaging in it and B. it is significantly interupting your life, is a destructive force in your life and/or the lives of your loved ones/friends, then it is likely you have a sex addicition that you should seek help for.

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