Positive Thinking leads to positive emotions: Cognitive Therapy.

Positive thinking leads to positive emotions. So says Cognitive Therapy. In this series of posts, I want to share with you a few exercises that will help you reform your thinking from negative to positive. Here are a few methods to enhancing your ability to use positive thinking to feel better.

Cognitive Therapy says that your thoughts tie directly to how you feel emotionally. Therefore if you think about things in a positive, life affirming framework, you will feel good. Emotionally, you can feel happy or at least in a better mood. If you can not think of things as “awful” you’ll not feel awful. If you can see things as tolerable and not a “life sucks” attitude. You find that you start to feel that life feels like a good thing again. In the coming posts, I will be sharing some Cognitive Methods that can help you convert your negative thoughts to thoughts that are positive or at least “tolerable”. Your emotions then follow suit.

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