What you think is how you feel

You’ve heard the cliches about positive thinking. “Think positive thoughts” they say, and things won’t seem so bad. It may be hard to believe but according to Cognitive therapy, there is much truth to this. You’re moods are directly linked to your thoughts. Think “I’m sad, I’m miserable” and miserable you shall be. If you can think “things aren’t so bad” or “I feel ok” or “I’m not angry”, “I feel relaxed”, etc. you may be surprised how much less anxious or depressed you feel. Positive affirmations such as “things will probably be allright, I am a pretty valuable person, etc. can make you feel like things will be right or make you feel valuable.

Live with Hope!

Marc Alter, LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist
19 West 34th Street, Penthouse Suite

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