Coping Skills: Steer Your Boat Into Calmer Waters

I hear many ask, what to do for stress? Is relieving stress possible? Many need help with depress and anxiety.For those with allot of stress and too much anxiety, coping skills are important tools in your feeling better arsenal. If you suffer from depression, bad mood, sadness, etc. it can be so very difficult to function. You have to get out of the funk. Just engaging in coping skills or coping strategies can get you back on your feet. They can work in the short term. For example grabbing one of these feel good activities can break your depressed mood for the day. Even shorter term for those who are very frequently depressed or anxious, it can be used as often as needed; maybe even every hour. An example of a coping skills that may be used for frequent distress for someone who has severe depression or panic attacks is “thought stopping”. In the longer term, you can use coping skills on a regular basis to keep the blues away. For instance, you may find writing in a journal to be very uplifting and therapeutic. So, write in it every day, or a few times a day on regular. Practicing coping strategies regularly can keep your depressive or anxiety symptoms at bay. 


Marc Alter, LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist
19 West 34th Street, Penthouse Suite

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