Mindfulness involves focusing your attention on specific experience of your existence. Some may draw their attention to observations of the outside or natural world such as sensory perceptions; details we usually ignore. Things like the texture or color of the ground or the sky, the types of patterns all around you, etc. You may also attend to your inner world, taking inventory of sensations in your body, mind, emotions, etc. This is similar to mediation and can go hand in hand with it. Meditating on these sensory perceptions of the inner or outer world can do wonders for alleviating stress, anxiety and fear.

Mindfulness can help take the venom out of fear. The more fear is focused upon, the more power it has over you. So mindfulness can help you loosen fear’s grip on you as there is no longer enough energy for fears and anxiety to take root with. Your energy is being dispersed as your mind is focusing on other things. Then you can focus on other more constructive or enjoyable activities.

More on Mindfullness: http://www.uv.es/carmenrg/material1/art%EDculos/Baer%202003.pdf

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