Meditation can be an easy and effective way to reduce anxiety, calm your nerves and improve your mood. It can be achieved in the short term for quick stress reduction. It has been shown that on going, daily meditation can be practiced in the longer term for mood stabilization and lower anxiety levels in your day to day life. Here are the most basic methods of how to practice meditation.

Find a quiet and place free of noise or other distractions. You may choose to close your eyes if there are visual distractions. In this serene space, do not focus on any thought, but instead, focus on a neutral aspect such as your own breathing. If you choose to use your own breathing to focus on, go ahead and begin to notice the quality of your breath, the speed of it, the intensity, virtually any quality of the breath. If thoughts enter your mind (they very well might), allow them to come and go without engaging them. I hope that you find this to be a relaxing and even uplifting experience! Sit still in this quiet space for any length of time ranging from 5 minutes to 35 minutes, or longer if you so choose.

It may sound simple, but to some this may pose a challenge. That is why it is often referred to as the “practice” of meditation. The more you practice, the more effective you become at not attaching or identifying with thoughts that may be tempting to connect with.

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