Maladaptive coping mechanisms: externalizing and internalizing

Externalizing or internalizing are mechanisms that can add to stress and generally bring you down. Internalizing occurs when you view problems that have very little or nothing to do with you and attribute them to yourself. When the world’s problems are your fault ,it can be so exhausting, disheartening, depressing. This is a painful habit. It makes you feel bad, like life is a losing battle. What sad and painful existence to go through life thinking “everything negative that is going on is all my fault”.
Externalizing occurs when a person has the mentality that everything that happens is someone else’s fault, the fault of the system, etc. This type of thinking creates a thought pattern that makes one feel as though the world is against you. How can you even bother striving for positive gains in life when the cards are so clearly stacked against you? This feels horrible and it can make one not attempt any ambitions. It could also create unnecessary enemies if you are always blaming others. This could push friends and family away and create a life of isolation.
If you notice that you tend to be thinking in such patterns, practice mindfulness to thwart such ways of thinking. Integrate other points of view into your mentality. A life with less blame of self or others will likely be more fulfilling to you.
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