Mindfulness in stress reduction

A good way of determining if you are engaging in healthy coping behavior (AKA coping skills or coping strategies) or if an unwanted defense mechanism, is regular introspective practice called mindfulness. Practice looking at yourself on a regular basis and being mindful of what you are doing. Is it a behavior that promotes a healthy life or is it physically/medically or psychologically harmful? Prevent harmful defense mechanisms from becoming habit (or breaking the habit that has already occurred) by practicing mindful awareness throughout the day and especially when you are stressed out or bothered by something. Mindfulness can be used to promote mental wellness throughout the day. Especially when you are feeling stressed and down, check in with yourself regularly. You can then redirect your awareness  to the simple, pleasant aspects of your environment such as the sounds around you, tastes, smells, etc. Tune in to your stress, notice where it is in your body. Then practice mindful exercises to alleviate that stress.
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