The importance of being ernest: Authenticity in therapy

There is a certain something that enhances therapeutic relationship. It lets you know that what you have with your therapist is real, truthful, trust worthy. This quality is authenticity.  The feeling of having a real connection with the therapist enhances rapport. It increases your comfort level and you are able to truly open up. In therapy, you will likely process intense memories, intimate thoughts and feelings that can be very difficult to share let alone difficult to feel. The importance of trusting the therapist you choose comes down to this: in order to heal, you need to be able to talk openly without holding back. For most, the only time one feels comfortable enough to speak in this way with another person is if one gets the sense that the person the client is talking with is “for real”. That is how true trust develops and one can go through what he or she needs to go through. I pride myself on being authentic, open and honest. I know that it is the most important characteristic in building true rapport which in turn is what allows the client to speak from the heart and heal.

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