Can you Walk While Meditating? Can you Meditate While Walking?

Let’s talk about the highly unlikely prospect of being able to meditate while walking. One might assume that walking is an activity that needs full attention, lest one trip or slam into something hurting more than just one’s self-esteem. Well, as it turns out you can practice mindful meditation while walking (AKA meditative walking)  and it happens to be one of the most convenient ways to engage in meditation practice.

Many have a stressful jobs which one would really benefit from some time to break away for anywhere from 5 – 25 minutes to meditate. You’re anxiety could be neutralized with a good meditation or 2 throughout the day. Say you work in a cubicle or out in the field as many tend to do in and around the city. Walking meditation is an effective stress reduction technique. It could be your answer to fitting in stress reduction. You may have limited space and time but this method can allow you mindful, meditative time with yourself to recalibrate your mind and body and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

You can do this simply by taking a walk where you will have few obstructions (preferably), hold your gaze low so you can detect obstacles but not high enough that you’ll be intensely aware of the outer world. Check in with your body and sensations of your breathing, the air on your skin, heartbeat, other sensations. Maintain a curiosity of your feelings – physical and emotional, but do not over-identify with them. Do not seek out thoughts or ruminate and instead gently allow thoughts to pass in and out of your mind without attaching to them. Check out this link for some additional instruction.

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