Mindful Rushing

No matter how much we try to live a peaceful, serene existence where you can always be easy, slow and deliberate, there will likely be exceptions – times when it seems there’s no way to slow down enough to be mindful. Running late is an example of this. Perhaps in such a scenario, you have no choice but to hurry to an important appointment.

The other day I was rushing to an appointment and I considered, there’s no reason not to practice mindfulness while rushing. Just because you are moving fast, doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind in panic. While running to you’re appointment (or sitting on a train) where you would otherwise be hyperventilating and/or looking at your watch every second, take this opportunity to be mindful instead. Try slow, deep breathing, paying close attention to how the breaths feel. Check in with yourself. Notice your breathing. Does it seem fast, can it be slowed? Check in with the different sections of your body, can they be calmed? If you are beating yourself up in punishment for running too late, send yourself messages of self compassion and empathize with yourself.

Many of the same techniques you would use to practice mindfulness  in “normal” situations can also apply to stress inducing situations like rushing. Try it and see if your anxiety has rushed away!

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