Crying in the Dark: Why and How Psychotherapy Helps

My office is in the 10001 zip code, right down the block from Macy’s department store, down the street from the garment district. It is one of the busiest, most trafficked areas of Manhattan. Walking down 8th avenue in NYC, I see the sights and hear the sounds of people struggling with mental conditions. By the time I get to 35th street where my office is located, I have heard ruminating, yelling, crying, mania, anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, etc. This is just coming from people who are vocal/visible in their suffering. I know that many are walking around suffering silently. People often suffer in silence and assume there is no where to turn.

Psychotherapy helps depression, anxiety as well as most other psychological/mental conditions in a number of ways. It is so important to know that you are not alone. As your therapist, I forge an authentic relationship with you in which you come to experience yourself as a significant person who is not alone. In a life situation where you may be feel alone, you come to experience life no longer isolated. This strengthen’s your resilience to whatever the world seems to throw at you. Validation is a keystone of what makes psychotherapy effective and it is the most therapeutic gift i provide you in psychotherapy sessions. In the realizing that you’re experience is real, you’re pain is real; there is healing. Instead of crying in the dark, you come process your pain with an understanding listener who understands what you are going through and appreciates what you’re up against. This kind of support helps you grow and advance further through life. Although sometimes it is not about advancing and more about tolerating everyday struggles and sustaining the courage and will to continue forward.

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