“Self serve” therapeutic intervention: Coping Skills

Coping skills (AKA coping strategies) are the most important as well as taken for granted tool you can use to treat your depression, anxiety and other psychological symptoms. It is an important supplement in your treatment. Coping skills are the “self-serve” therapeutic intervention. When people get depressed anxious or have other psychiatric symptoms, they often stop doing the activities they enjoy. It is these activities that, if returned to, can deliver one into a more stable frame of mind. Next time you are anxious or depressed, try engaging in an activity that you enjoy; something that takes your attention and keeps you occupied for a while. If you are really depressed or anxious,  you may lack the motivation so you’l likely have to really push yourself in order to do it. If you do summon enough motivation to practice the coping skill activity, your mood could very well improve at least for a little while. Fill up your free time trying new coping skills and/or revisiting old ones and that is time you will spend less distressed by your thoughts. Like the title implies, they help you cope!

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