100 coping skills in 360 days

Coping skills or coping strategies can often be overlooked as quick treatment for the blues or anxiety. As a coping skill is a strategy, sometimes it takes some thought to plan or strategize what you’re going to do and how your going to do it (which is why I sometimes refer to them as coping strategies). As they are activities or behaviors that you engage in, I don’t consider drugs or other chemicals coping skills though can be used while taking your medication. Simply put, they are positive, life affirming activities that are healthy and fun and engaging.

I am curious which coping skills have worked the best for you. I would like to put together a list of 100 coping skills that everyone can access with ease. I have enabled my comments section so you, valued reader, can contribute your favorite coping skills and I’ll be sure to include it in my list. I look forward to your comments!


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