Body Scan your way to reduced stress (8)

When we are utilizing mindful techniques, one thing we are to do is limit our prioritization of distress and instead put more of our attention onto neutral stimuli. One simple and effective way of doing this is through body scanning. No, this is not an excerpt from a science fiction movie where people are scanned by otherworldly beings. You are in full control of your own body scan and no sci-fi devices needed! Just give yourself 5-10 minutes, close your eyes and very slowly, bring your attention through every little quadrant of your body. You may choose to start with your fingertips and then fingers, then palms, etc. Begin your curious inquiry: what do the sensations feel like in these areas. Is there discomfort, stress or is it relaxed. If you find that there is stress in these areas, this is your opportunity to release that stress. Releasing stress in this way can serve to lower your overall stress/anxiety level.

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