Coping Skill 9: The news may increase your anxiety: Turn off TV, computer screen or any electronic screen.

This is a similar concept to C.S. #1, but this skill starts with the ability to get up and turn the TV (or computer) off or reach for the remote and squeeze the off button. For many, these are troubling times. The coverage on news TV or internet news is so thorough that it may be too thorough. The news is often negative and you feel easily compelled to think and to ruminate about all the negative, sad, irritating aspects of existence. Your mind may be all too eager to embrace the tidal wave of negative information heading our way not just at a daily rate but even minute by minute. This increases your anxiety level and for others it increases angry feelings as well. It can also inspire feelings of hopelessness and helplessness: a perfect recipe for depression! Resist the urge to chase after more and more news which is often very troubling. Here’s a simple, informal experiment. Turn off your screens as much as possible each day, see if you can cut screen time by half (for starters). Check in with your anxiety level after 2 weeks. If there is any positive difference, continue/repeat and see if there are continued results. If so, this may be a good permanent life style change for you.

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