The importance of telling the difference between between reality and the negative voices in your head

The primary engine behind depressive/negative outlook is one’s own mind. A depressed or anxious person is very often thinking negative, pessimistic thoughts. A major difference between a depressed/highly anxious person versus a person who is emotionally stable is the ability to distinguish between negative harshly self critical thoughts versus reality. Reality is usually far more neutral then ones on harsh evaluation of it . A person is generally decent and well-meaning although depressed/anxious people can frequently get into repetitious ruminations about how bad were useless they are. This is one of the strongest poisons of depression and the sad irony is that it is perpetrated upon oneself by oneself.

An important way to combat depressive states is to work on preventing repetitive self-loathing negative thoughts. You can begin to do this by at first taking the time to notice them as they are occurring. Nonjudgmentally observe as these harsh negative thoughts run through your mind. Read direct your attention to breathing or some other neutral stimuli picked up by any of your five senses. For example just to name a few: Feel the sensation of the ground as you walk or as you are sitting and have your feet on the ground, feel the sensations in your body, notice and get in tuned with your breathing, listen to sounds in your environment, etc. Take these times of adjusted perception as opportunities to reassess yourself and your place in the world in a more clear fashion. Contemplate the extreme nature of your negative self judgments and make a gentle effort to perceive the difference between the real world versus your skewed, dark view. When your mind is eased with mindful strategies, it should be easier to tell the difference and as a result experience less anxiety or depression symptoms.

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