What does depression feel like?

This may sound like a simple question. However the answer is quite subjective and can be different for any individual that experiences it. This is a very healthy inquiry to try and answer, leading you to a more mindful, present and less distressed experience.

When you were hit with pangs of sorrow or negative emotional feelings in general, take the time to notice how this feels in your body. Lightly and nonjudgmentally, Pay attention to the physical sensations that accompany these feelings. Take your time with this exercise and really decipher these sensations. This works in the goal of making yourself more mindful and serves to distance yourself from extra harsh judgments of your mind. It helps you be more settled in the here and now. Paying attention to these feelings and studying them also allows you to recognize these feelings in the future and when you start to notice these physical sensations, this understanding could tip you off that you need to start some coping skills at that moment.

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