My Approach

I provide combination of Cognitive and psychodynamic interventions. I encourage you to talk about your issues and I will listen for conscious and unconscious, latent content that takes a toll in your life. I will ask you about all facets of your life and provide a space where you feel safe to talk about your issues openly. I will help you bring unconscious, latent issues to the surface so you can see the effect it is having on you and you can stop the harmful, repetitious patterns in your life. With Cognitive intervention, I will help you identify maladaptive ways that you’re thinking. I reinforce positive adaptive ways of thinking and undermine destructive, maladaptive thinking. Thinking is often a major factor in the way we feel. If we undermine your negative, self defeating thoughts and change them to positive, life affirming thoughts, your emotions will follow suit. Positive mood can come from thinking about things differently and I can help you shift your thinking to a more positive framework.

The other crucial part of my therapy, is hugely important but can easily overlooked. Listening. When was the last time you were truly heard by someone and not judged or reacted to. You can talk to me about any issues, including family, work, interpersonal or relationship issues and anything around or in between. If you experience anger, anxiety, depressed mood, feelings of hopelessness/helplessness, I will listen and we will start from where you are. I guarantee you will feel heard and you are at the center of the therapy.