Coping Skill 5/100: Gardening (outdoor OR indoor)

One of the most tranquil and rewarding coping skills I have come across is gardening. What is more relaxing and pleasing to the mind and spirit than planting. Whether you’re planting new seeds inside or sustaining established plants and taking care of them, it can be a nice feeling that can deliver you serenity. I feel one with the earth and at peace while I am in the garden or landscaping. It is an activity that can put you in a flow state and give you something positive to focus on for an extended period of time. So whether you are trimming a bonsai tree, watering pruning your plants inside or out, weeding, planting a garden, etc. these are all activities that can put you in the type of focused frame of mind that can take you away from your blues or anxiety. Then convert that negative energy into something positive and even beautiful.

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